Colin Demét B.Sc.

Expertise: Spiritual/Physical Paranormal Phenomenon

Deliverance & Spirit Release Practitioner

Shaymin Practitioner

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Some attachments are simply confused lost spirits, who may be simply seeking comfort from being close to you; an example may be a miscarriage where the child is confused and remains in the mothers domain. Such cases of attachment are easily guided to the light and loved ones, often to return in the mother’s next conception.

Spirits occupying a location or property are different from this synopsis.

Not all are simply guided away with a smudge stick and prayers.

Always remember that spirits are the same as people, the only difference being we are incarnate; fixed into a material body. This is what earth bound spirits return for … the attachment to feelings through materiality. The alcoholic seeks a drinking buddy; ‘Like attracts Like’. The next issue is accommodation; most people have known someone who is in an abusive relationship; they tell everyone how awful their partner is, and ‘play their Mantra’ of reinforcement at every opportunity; friends and family give them advice on how to break the abusive attachment, and sometimes the victim will be triumphant as they rejoice because their abusive partner has gone. Then … suddenly their attachment returns.

So it is with spirit, a person may have someone attaching from spirit, and such an attachment may even go back into past lives. Love/Hate; ambivalence… can’t live with, can’t live without; and yet the Mantra of abuse is played continually.

By becoming the victim you are completing the circle of abuse, even though you may play your daily Mantra of persecution; until the victim wants to relinquish the attachment, they are simply sharing and reinforcing their fixation/attachment.

For such fixated attachments I use altered states of consciousness, to enable the client to explore and hopefully discover the initiating causes of their attachment; similar to a recurring phobic reaction beyond the individual's control; there is a reason for the attachment.

There may occur demonically influenced spirit, but such is now very rare, and always remember a negative spirit will lie and play you, just the same as some bad people will in daily life.


The following are five basic examples of spirit release showing how diverse a spectrum exists between the interaction of spirit upon the material world:-


1. A client reports recurring paranormal activity in their home or a specific location.

People whom are psychically aware often experience spiritual activity.

The spirit is often lost/confused and attached to a person or place, and is guided to the light and released. (Possibly 2 hours including emails & spirit release).


2. A spirit becomes attached to a host in its simplest form; a spirit passing over is confused/frightened and attaches to a host close by; time is different in spirit so the attachment may remain for years and is often treated as a friend (like attracts like) but too often the attachment may have desires and assert an unwanted influence; may involve ambivalence (can’t live with can’t live without)  I have worked with a client for many sessions and in the end the client has informed me that, “I am sorry but I do not want to let my friend go!”

Ambivalence; most people have experienced someone who complains about their partners abuse and is always going to leave them, but never does. Spirit can be the same; the alcoholic with a drinking buddy is a good example. (Sessions may be from one to ?)


3. Accommodation = ‘Like attracts Like’ = earth bound spirits seeking material experiences through fixations. If a material desire is strong enough it may interfere with an individual's normal transition into the world of spirit. Accommodation of spirit is similar to people on earth; what a person wants they attempt to find, attach to and share with. The latter may be anything from addictions, groups and even serial killing. Intoxication easily opens our portals; alike to going on a ‘Ouija’ board; or leaving your front door wide open in a busy city (there is no distance in spirit) how many times has a drunken individual, known as a descent and respected person woken up the next day in a prison cell with no recollection of killing someone the previous evening. And his/her friends declare openly, “what ever possessed him!”.  


4. Property / Land: A spirit may have lived all their lives in a property or place and become possesive of what is to them, their place/home. Often spirit may become attached to a new occupant, and this attachment may develop into possession.


5. An evil spirit! Yes evil spirits exist exactly the same as evil people exist. Evil is a hunter and enters through fragmentation, which is usually evil abuse manifested through people, for more information regarding the constructs of evil please visit my web site page at :-


If a person is possessed by an evil spirit there is usually fragmentation and accommodation involved. The individual is likely to have experienced severe abuse, is often using drugs, and often may have been dabbling in the occult, and even attempting to contact the Devil. The work involved with such a client is going to involve analysis and major important changes/transformations, and could involve many sessions.

Last but never least is Demonic possession; the Demons are beyond the gates now and the gate keepers are in place. I have worked with clients whom have had up to 7 catholic exorcisms. The problem is that the catholic church does not accept spirit possession as is with a lot of other churches; so an albeit evil spirit whom is attempting to destroy its host, is treated as a Demon. Remember ‘like attracts like’ so imagine some evil low life spirit, is being called an Angel of evil, because Demons are inhuman and alien; if anything, such actions will boost the low life’s power; because they can only exist through our own perceptions and fears ... fear is there nutrition, just the same as is with people who control and bully others.

The problem with religious organizations (and we only need look at our history) is that they control through accommodation, fragmentation, and often genocide; and all in the name of their good god. The sad result of the latter is that many people blame the holy trinity for the actions of ignorant people. Jesus healed the sick and performed exorcisms which he openly encouraged others to do through his holy name (Mark 9:38 – 40)


Prayer & Holy artefacts are a defence against evil.

There is no limit to spirit attachments, and they are transferable; the most I have released from one person is 15 which took several minutes, for a person who worked in a mortuary.


I hope the latter helps to clarify some of the misunderstood concepts of spirit release.