Colin Demét B.Sc.

Expertise: Spiritual/Physical Paranormal Phenomenon

Deliverance & Spirit Release Practitioner

Shaymin Practitioner

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For, most of all … is nothing

Feel free and be at ease

For I have no chains

Only links.


Colin Demét B.Sc.

Colin Demé


Practice precautions during Covid 19.


We are now arranging appointments.

If you would like to resume or make a first appointment to see me,

please let me know by email.

The following safety precautions are in practice at our location.


Hygiene Measures being undertaken at our practice include;


Social distancing of two metres.

Avoid hand-shaking or other physical contact.

Hand sanitizer will be provided at entrance.

Wearing of  Face Visors  for clients, or face mask for carers.

Chair coverings changed between each client.

All door handles or points of contact sanitized.


Thank you for your consideration.

Colin & Annette Demét.






Thank you for today.  

When I first came to see you I was at my last gasp on life and to be honest had lost the will to live.  I had so many issues going on in my life I honestly thought I was going mad.  The hate, the anger, the eating disorder, the frustration and the hopelessness was so overpowering beyond belief. You have taught me how to love again, you have shown me how to cope in difficult situations, you have made me like myself well just a little but I’m growing on myself lol, you have made me realise I have a right to say No, to live my life how I wish to do without feeling guilty in doing so. I have a new journey to make now, it feels very calm, I can sense the light around me giving me the strength I need to do so.  I do feel a wee bit like a duck out of water but I’m willing to give it a try and I’m determined to succeed.  I had a tough fight with myself as I have lived so long hating myself and all I stood for but that’s in the bin now!!! The new me won xxx I really can’t thank you enough you cracked me where others have tried and failed. You have taught me now how to go forward with confidence on my journey into this world where I have shut myself away from for so long.  The tears are sitting waiting to flow I have still to learn to let go, that day is coming probably sooner rather than later.  I will let them out I promise. You are right when you say family arguments are not worth it, I cannot control people nor can I make them do what they don’t want to do. When the 3 spirits were released from me the wee girl walked away fast and I didn’t have any feelings for her going just a shiver, my father he was different he didn’t want to go, I felt like I was going to cry, not sure why the feeling came over me so very strong I kept saying to him to go! I will be alright go to the light dad!  It’s the first time I have seen him! I could actually see him his face and I haven’t been able to see him for nine years.

Just wanted you to know that’s all

Love …. x

Client from Ayrshire.

Leslie Hanning

Picture by Leslie Hanning Fromm

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